My name is Barbara and I am an ICF certified (International Coach Federation) Life Coach. 

I am currently based in Italy after having lived more than 15 years in the Middle East.

I have worked in the corporate world for several years, my experience with multi-national companies thought me what I know today about working under pressure, making compromises and dedicating a life commitment to your work, and how difficult is to have a work-life balance. I have discovered my passion for Life Coaching in 2013 and I have got the ICF certification by studying with the NeuroLeadership Institute. Since then I have been helping different kind of people with Life Coach and Business Coaching skills. 

Coaching is a bi-directional relationship, where the coachee agrees to make a change in their lives, a change for an internal and external improvement. My wish is to help people achieving what they wish for, and to reach that by acting a CHANGE.


The Coaching journey starts with the phase of discovery and defining your goals, working on believes, habits or blockages and creating an action plan. We will work on multiple goals at the time, the journey duration varies from one month to three months maximum.

WHO needs a Life Coach? A person that is looking for a change, a new perspective to deal with a new situation, who is not happy with the actual circumstances,who needs someone that held him/her accountable. 

WHO does NOT need a Life Coach? Who is looking for a mentor, a tutor, a consultant, a spiritual guide. 



  • ICF ACC Life Coach 


  • International Communications Degree

  • 15 years of work in the Advertising and PR industry

  • Journalism Diploma

  • CSR Specialist Diploma